About the Author

Ty Treadwell is a professional writer who has spent over 20 years researching and writing about death penalty cases. He is the author of three books—Last Suppers; Famous Final Meals from Death Row, Death Row’s Oddest Inmates, and Death Row's Wildest Women—which examine some of the most famous, flamboyant, and controversial men and women to ever inhabit death row. He also maintains two blogs which attract thousands of visitors each month. His areas of expertise include the last meal ritual, death penalty trivia, the history of capital punishment, and other odd but entertaining bits of information related to this hot-button topic.

Ty has been interviewed by over 75 radio stations and newspapers around the globe, including multiple appearances on BBC Radio and the Jim Richards Show (Canada), plus nationally syndicated shows such as the Bob & Tom Show, the Mancow Experience, COPNET Radio, and the X-Zone Radio Show.

Ty is available for interviews, guest spots, and panel discussions. To contact him, click here.

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