Friday, November 14, 2014

Newest Death Row Social Media Craze? Cell-fies!

Yes, it's true; not wanting to feel left out when it comes to the public's fascination with selfies, death row inmates have now joined in. But because smuggled cell phones are considered illegal contraband on death row, none of the inmates dare show their faces in the candid photos. Instead they're posting pics of their living quarters, which has inspired fierce competition among those inmates who take pride in their "cell-fies."

Just look at the shine on that stainless steel toilet! boasted a user who goes by the name MadDog7594. Another inmate, who uses the tag NoAppealsLeft, bragged about the hospital corners on his bed sheets.

Corrections officers are concerned about the illegal cell phone usage, but they say the results are to be expected. "I'm not really surprised," said one prison warden. "I mean, they had a lot of fun with that auto-correct stuff a while back, and then they all wanted to get on Jailbook and Snitcher. They may be removed from society, but they don't want to be removed from all the fun!"