Friday, September 12, 2014

Crazy Killer's Complaints Ain't Kosher

Killer Steven Hayes, currently residing on Connecticut's death row, apparently has too much time on his hands. One of two men convicted for a brutal home invasion that resulted in the deaths of a woman and her two daughters, Hayes is currently whining because he isn't being served kosher meals.

“This continuous denial of a kosher diet is a clear violation of my First Amendment right to freely practice my religion of choice, Judaism,” Hayes wrote in his formal complaint. He went on to say that eating non-kosher prison food like all the other men on his block constituted cruel and unusual punishment.

If anything isn't kosher, it's committing a crime that involves sexual assault, arson, and multiple counts of felony murder. Mr. Hayes, here's a news flash: death row is only like an airline flight in SOME ways. There's not enough space, and you'll be cramped and tired most of the time, but the similarities end there. You can't request a special meal. Nobody will bring you a pillow, an extra blanket, or a Bloody Mary if you press the call button. And considering the fact that many flights these days give you nothing but peanuts and a soft drink, consider yourself lucky that you're being properly fed at all.