Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who's Bad? Missouri's Death Row Inmates!

Death row inmates have always had a special affinity for Michael Jackson. After all, some of his top hits practically serve as anthems for their distinctive lifestyle. (Bad, Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, and a favorite among serial bludgeoners, Beat It) And although most convicted felons never get the chance to live like a rock star, some of them might get the chance to die like one.

Due to a shortage of traditional lethal injection drugs, the state of Missouri has now approved the use of the sedative propofol in its executions. That particular drug gained notoriety after Michael Jackson died from an accidental overdose in 2009. The need for a new execution drug stems from the fact that manufacturers of formerly-used drugs like pancuronium bromide and sodium thiopental stopped selling to US prisons because they didn’t want their products used for such unsavory procedures.

While a change in execution protocol sometimes causes concerns, Missouri’s death row inmates couldn’t be happier. Some have requested extensive plastic surgery and skin bleaching treatments prior to their executions, and others plan to wear a sequined glove to the lethal injection table.

Now whenever someone asks the musical question “Who’s bad?”, every death row inmate in Missouri can reply “Me! Me!”