Saturday, April 27, 2013

Social Media Goes to Prison

Ask any death row inmate to name their pet peeves, and boredom will show up at the top of every list. To help fill those long, dull hours, lawmakers are experimenting with new prison-themed social media applications.

The first program to hit the cell block is called Jailbook, which allows inmates to network and share moments from their daily lives. Users can connect with other prisoners who are categorized as friends, family, or accomplices, and then post status updates about visits from their lawyers, last-minute appeals, and other fun events. Jailbook friends can like a post or—if they find it distasteful or offensive—choose to shank the user who posted it. The beta version of the program crashed after a flurry of impulsive shanks from the test group, but technicians are working hard to fix the problem.

A second application, called Snitcher, allows inmates to rat on their fellow prisoners in 140 characters or less. Again, an overwhelming amount of shanking has interrupted the beta test.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Bomber or Boy Band Bigshot?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
When this photo was splashed across every TV screen, computer screen, and newspaper last Friday, many Americans wondered, "Why is the FBI looking for that guy from One Direction? And they're even talking about the death penalty! Did the federal government finally deem it a capital offense to produce that type of music?" But once the younger member of the Boston bombing team was identified, all that talk about the death penalty started making a lot more sense.

The good news is that he's in custody and will be subject to the crushing weight of the American justice system. The bad news is that it's still legal for boy bands to put out new records.

One Direction: NOT wanted by the FBI, and NOT candidates for the death penalty

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oddest Inmates Now on Facebook!

To celebrate our first anniversary, Death Row's Oddest Inmates has finally joined Facebook! CLICK HERE to see our page, and be sure to LIKE us so you'll get every update on death row's weirdest and wildest inmates!