Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Dead Man Walking' Wins Costume Contest

Convicted killer Billy Ray Radzick is the winner of this year's "Convicts in Costume" contest, held each Halloween at the state correctional facility. Radzick's "zombie" costume was a big hit with the judges, who were impressed by his creativity. According to Radzick, though, the idea was obvious.

"I mean, they call the guys on death row 'dead men walking,' right?" Radzick explained. "And that's just what a zombie is. Dead man walking, walking dead, same thing. The only difference is that we don't eat brains. Although I've heard some rumors about what the guy in the next cell did before he got arrested, so I stay away from him."

Judges awarded second place to Buford "Wild Man" Williams for his "prison guard" costume. The outfit was so realistic, in fact, that Williams almost made it to the facility's front gate before he was escorted back to the party for the final judging.