Friday, June 8, 2012

Death Row's Oddest Inmates Now In Paperback

The wait is finally over! Death Row's Oddest Inmates is now available in paperback! Click the book cover to order from your favorite bookseller!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Angry Jailbirds Game Delayed By Glitches

Due to unforeseen complications, computer game developer Felony Fun has delayed the release of its newest game, Angry Jailbirds. Just like the popular and addictive game it’s based on, the mission in this prison-themed version is to wage war on a group of unruly pigs. But instead of comical cartoon figures, the birds in Angry Jailbirds were modeled after famous prison inmates.

Similar to the original game, each bird has its own special abilities. The Unabomber bird, for example, mails packages to the pigs which explode when they’re opened. After the Son of Sam bird kills a pig, he feigns innocence and claims that demonic voices in his head ordered him to do it. And while the Charles Manson bird doesn’t attack pigs himself, he has the power to brainwash other birds who then terrorize the pigs for him.

Despite high expectations for the game, Felony Fun has gone back to the drawing board after several unexpected bugs appeared in the software. “We’re finding glitches we never expected,” said a company spokesman. “Like, instead of attacking the pigs, the Sirhan Sirhan bird just goes into this long, rambling speech about politics. And after the followers of the Charles Manson bird make a successful attack, they sometimes scribble “Piggies” or “Death to Pigs” on the walls in cartoon blood. Things like that slow down game play and detract from the spirit of fun.”

While fixing these problems might be a challenge, the ones that popped up in earlier versions of the game were far worse. During the first round of test play, the game crashed constantly because all the characters tried to file appeals at the same time.