Monday, April 30, 2012

Michael Selsor: Killer, Armed Robber, Mustache Donor

It doesn't happen very often, but once in a while a death row inmate tries to donate all or part of his body after his execution. Some try to donate individual organs while others opt to give their entire body to science. The requests are sometimes denied and sometimes approved; one of the most newsworthy cases involved famed killer Gary Gilmore, whose eyes were used in a cornea transplant after his execution by firing squad.

Now Michael Selsor, due to be executed in Oklahoma tomorrow, has followed that generous tradition. After his lethal injection, Selsor's facial hair will be donated to an anonymous cowboy who has been unable to grow his own mustache. The recipient, who currently sports only a pale, wispy fringe above his upper lip, will finally be able to ride the range with pride after the transplant is completed. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Autocorrect Fail, Death Row Edition

We've all laughed at the hilarious garbled text messages on sites likes Damn You Autocorrect and Autocorrect Fail, but can you imagine the bizarre statements we might see if death row inmates were allowed to have iPhones?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Death Row's Oddest Inmates On the Loose!

They're wild, weird, wacky, and they're now running loose at a bookstore near you! Figuratively speaking, of course!

In Death Row's Oddest Inmates, you'll meet crazy convicts like:

Aileen Wuornos, dubbed "America's First Female Serial Killer," who thought a UFO would beam her up to space after her lethal injection

Charles Singleton, who was convinced that Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger would rescue him from death row

Varnall Weeks, who planned to rule the universe as a giant turtle after his execution

Robert Vickers, who killed his cellmate because the other man drank his Kool-Aid

Monty Delk, who thought he was a zombie, a submarine captain, a federal agent, and the president of Kenya--depending on what time of day it was

Who used a pickle jar as a murder weapon? Who murdered three people with a bowling pin? Why doesn't Texas serve special last meals anymore? Find out in Death Row's Oddest Inmates!

Watch the video trailer here!